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I have been working on developing smartphone brackets for compound bows and have decided that one of them isn't suitable for the application.
Anyway I have been streaming live hunts from the woods directly from my bow( for 6 hours a day) which requires a battery. It dawned on me that the application would be perfect for Jeeps and streaming your video live( or just recording it for yourself) from the jeep dash and all you have to do it plug your smartphone into a cigarette lighter and presto you can stream live for free.All you need is a cheap mounting bracket.
So my question to TJ owners is this:
Does every TJ have the same size rear view mirror -where it mounts to the windshield? Both of My TJ Rubi's did but there was an option for a non compass mirror that I think was a different size( I am going to ask JK and CJ folks too).
Your help would be appreciated!
I they aren't what diameters were made?
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