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Has anyone put a list together of all the companies that make swap kits? or parts for V8 swaps?
here are the ones off the top of my head in no particular order

Jeep Speed Shop
RPM extreme
Dakota Customs
Americas Most wanted 4x4
Bruiser Conversions
Hot Wire auto

These are the ones i hear of the most. I'm sure there may be more out there

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C&R Racing for the radiator. Easily the best. AEV uses the C&R. Jeep Speed Shop has a slightly modified version designed by C&R, but you'll pay ~35% more for it because JSS has to order it for you, so it's best to make the standard C&R JK Hemi version work for you.

RPMfab is another kit business. Oops, scratch that. V8HJ was absorbed into RPMfab and is closed now. Too bad; their truck intake adapter was good looking.

I would have thought Novak Adapters would have offered something for the relatively huge JK market, but I think they're declining these days.

Rubitrux sells and installs AEV kits, but they also offer a bolt-in long tube exhaust system made by Kooks. Supposedly, their headers can also fit around the manual transmissions.

Dakota Customs also offers a custom long tube Borla exhaust system exclusively with their kits. Maybe Borla will eventually sell the JK hemi system separately whenever the DC contract expires, but don't hold your breath.

If you're wanting to swap an early JK, I'd recommend talking with Chris at Hotwire Auto and see about a standalone harness setup that uses the newer GPEC2 pcm, especially if you want to do a 392. The earlier NGC4 pcms were programmed to run the 5.7, and even with HPTuners there will be parameters that you can't access that will still be set up for the 5.7, making the other engines a pain in the ass to tune right.

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