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I'm curious if anybody else has experienced similar issues (I've read other issues online, but not while towing). We are getting ready to go on vacation next weekend, and wanted to be sure the Jeep is going to act right towing our boat (truck will be pulling the camper). When pulling, it goes into limp mode, and the MIL and ESC lights come on. Codes are the following:
Looking at all data, the common culprit is the PCM. Googling offers no insights. A few posts on the various forums pop up occasionally, but they typically die without any resolution. I've seen one guy say there's a metallic grease on the cam shaft just under the sensor and that wiping it clean solves the problem. Another says changing plugs and wires fixes the issues. Yet another says adding Lucas oil treatment solved his. I have a hard time believing any of these.

This issue has happened at least 4 times over the past several months, all when towing our boat (about 2500 lbs). We've had zero issues when simply daily driving the Jeep. My best guess at this point may possibly be the battery going bad (read 12.3-12.4 volts this morning after sitting overnight) or possibly a large current draw or some other electrical issue (the PO installed an impressive amount of wiring coming directly off the battery which I need to clean up).

I took it for a test drive this evening. Prior to that I disconnected all the wiring the PO installed from the battery and fuse box, and cleaned and retightened the terminals. I also tested the trailer wiring and found a short. I put my magnetic trailer lights on the boat trailer (after testing them) and took it for a drive. All seemed well and after an hour we decided to start heading back when the codes popped again and it went into limp mode. I'm really at a loss at this point.

Jeep is a 2013 JKU on 37s.
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