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We decided to improve the deal on our new steering system for a LIMITED TIME for online orders only!

Now the kit will include a FREE steering stabilizer, a FREE adjustable trackbar, and FREE HD ball joints. With all of these extras, the kits' retail price should now be $2222.90. For a short time we are going to be selling them for $1699!

This may still seem expensive to some people, but this is an entire front end upgrade for your dana 30 or TJ dana 44 front end. It features:

  • Improved ground clearance
  • Improved steering design
  • Larger brakes & calipers
  • Adjustable trackbar bracket

This kit was designed as a great addition to most TJ,LJ,XJ,MJ,ZJ front ends. It will work with a low and high pinion D30 and D44 axles. It was designed with the average user in mind. Like our XJ, we had upgraded steering, but the factory inverted Y system has its limitations. So we designed this kit too use an individual drag link and tie rod for better onroad performance. Knuckles are machined to accept RCV axle shafts and also machined for a flip kit so the tie rod is moved on top for added clearance when offroading. Kit has all necessary components to be able to use a steering stabilizer, swaybar links and be able to turn lock to lock for a great all around system.

This will work with factory axle shafts, and also allows the use of RCV axle shafts. No special tools are required to install this kit, however you will need to weld on the new trackbar mount, and lower coil bucket supports, and swaybar tabs.

Order the kit online here:

Marketing Director
Clayton Off Road
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