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Hey all, need some advice on a new lift. I have a 2013 2dr sport. I am about to put 35s on it stock with flat fenders with no lift and hoping to run it that way for a very minimal amount of time. However money is an issue right now as i just bought rims and tires. Question im wondering is, as a daily driver and someone who does not offroad often, what would be more suitable for me, a budget boost 2.5" lift from teraflex or a complete coil lift. I was practically sold on AEVs 2.5 dual lift as i drive 70 miles round trip everyday for work and am under the impression this is the best on pavement suspension. But as i said money is tight and the cheaper budget boost option is looking appealing again. Any thoughts are appreciated. I know the full lift would be better but is it necessary?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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