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I am looking for the best all around lift for my JEEP 4dr Rubicon. I want to run 37's on 17"wheels, I would entertain 35's if the set up was right, but thats all I really know. It will be my daily driver but have owned JEEP's before so will lean more towards the wheeling & trail runs. I live in Central California in Madera & will be climbing in the immediate area on trails as Ducey Irsham, Spanish, Bald Mountian, Coyote, Red Lake's, Auberry & the such. My previous JEEP was a 87'Wrangler 2dr, spring over, 35's on 15"wheels, Holly EFI, front & back ARB locker's, and JEEPED very well. So, I guess I'm saying that I would like to stay about the same as before... the only thing is, is that all my previous mods on the 87 where simple and done in the garage so I need some more insight to this "NEW" JK experience!

I have seen and like a new product by "Metal Cloak" that I like.... If anyone has any information on that suspension lift. Also I wouldnt mind find out about a MOPAR factory lift... if thats what it is called? Supposedly I can have the dealership put it on and still be covered by the warranty.

Thanks, Alan
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