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Lift decisions....TF vs. RK LA

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I got some money budgeted for jeep upgrades to get this POS skyjacker lift off and put a real lift kit on and I thought I was totally convinced to go with the TeraFlex 6inch LA kit... now I'm wondering if I should consider RockKrawler's 5.5 LA kit w/ coilovers. Anybody have any experience with the RK kits, specifically the RK 5.5 Coilover kit?

I plan to go coilovers, specifically the EVO systems, at each corner in the near future, but that is phase 2.

It would save some $$ to go with the RK Coilover system initially...ugh... funny I was set on TFLA 6inch kit until I had the funds in my hand.

I plan to stick in the 37-38inch Tire range.

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Coilovers are over rated:thefinger:

I wish I had your problems:beer:

Don't have any experience with the RK systems but I have driven a friends jeep with Teraflex LA, Teraflex flip kit and Evo King Coilovers on Mud Grappler 37's and it rides equivalent or better than my fiance's 07' Escalade. Evo really did their homework on the spring rates and worked with King to dial them in perfectly. Best coilovers you can buy imho. My kit should be getting installed shortly whenever I have time to take it to SLC in Dallas/Bedford.:bounce:
I've been running the Full Traction Long Arm with both 4" and 6" springs and shocks and I'm installing the EVO Coilovers front and rear now. Looking forward to getting it all up and running. I have had no issues with the FTLA's.
i'm having the 5.5 xfactor long arm installed at rock krawlers shop in Albany as i write this ,sat nite. I had the super lift 4" kit and it rode like a brick! since I don't plan on any high speed off roading I didn't feel that coil overs were worth the extra money. however while they have it i'm also getting 5.13 gears installed. Can't wait for MONDAY WHEN I PICK IT UP!!:bounce::bounce::bounce::thefinger::thefinger::thefinger::beer::beer::beer::beer:
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