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EDIT: Title should read "Lesser of two evils". Fingers got faster than the brain :)

Hey Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker here and am finally getting ready to take the plunge. I am looking to get a 2012 JKU Sport, auto trans, that will be my DD, probably stock for a while due to finances, but will (hopefully) eventually have a bit of lift and 35s. Not planning on any wild wheeling since this is a DD and a family hauler and I can't have a broken vehicle.

In my area, I've noticed that the JKU Sports in stock with the 5spd auto seem to either have a 3.21 open diff or the 3.73 with the limited slip. After doing a bunch of reading here, I know the majority of forum members recommend the open diff since the JKU has a decent electronic traction system and the clutch-type LSDs are pretty much considered junk. I also know that most members would take the 3.73 vs the 3.21. I'd prefer the 3.73 open diff, but ordering exactly what I want isn't really an option (can't afford the wait).

So my question is, which is the lesser of two evils? 3.21 with the open diff, or 3.73 with the LSD? Plan would be to regear when lift/tires eventually happen. Lockers would be long into the future.

Thanks for the feedback.
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