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Isn't that great to have a power of controlling all the systems in your Jeep at just one touch of the screen? With all-new TrailDash2 tuner made by Superchips that became possible. Designed for Jeep off-roading enthusiasts specifically, their latest invention is extremely handy for gauge monitoring. It will not only help you to adjust the main control functions of your Jeep to the most suitable ones for your driving style, but will help you to get rid and clear the most frequent trouble codes. The TrailDash is equipped to read virtually any information that can be provided to it, such as battery voltage, battery temperature, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, transmission temperature as well as all other standard instrumentation. Moreover, by varying the factory settings for air and fuel mixtures, fuel injector flow rates, spark timing, throttle response speed, and automatic transmission shift points, you can increase horsepower for speed, torque for towing conditions, or adjust all settings for maximum fuel economy.

Follow the link to see more details:

Superchips® 42050 - TrailDash2 Tuner - http://www.carid.com/superchips/traildash2-tuner-mpn-42050.html

* Best-in-Class, 5", Full-Color, High-Resolution, Touch Screen;
* Power Switch Gauge Screen to Engage LED Lights & Other Accessories;
* One Simple HDMI Plug for Power;
* Easy Menu Navigation;
* Performance tests;
* Reads and clears trouble codes;
* Monitor includes video input and can run backup or other camera accessories;
* Internet updatable;
* ~5% horsepower increase;

What do you think of this new TrailDash2 tuner?
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