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LED tail light blinking every 30 seconds or so

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I'm perplexed...

My passenger side tail light blinks at about 30 second intervals when the Jeep is sitting. I have the original OEM plugs cut off and the LEDs are soldered on along with an ORO plate light and third brake light. I have removed the resistors and covered the bare wires where they were tapped in and it is still happening.

Any ideas? My next order of business is to get factory plugs soldered back on to the harness or replace the harness completely and use the new plug and play harnesses from PSC just to eliminate a bad ground or connection. All of the lights are working as they should be aside from the blinking.
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Thanks for the tip! Mine don't blink fast, it was blinking when the Jeep was off. It is a short in my gauge cluster causing a power draw and the tail light to flash every 45 seconds. I was having to unplug the tail light when I parked.
I know that this thread is old - my ‘09 is doing this with the stock dash and cluster. How did you stop it?
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