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January 2013 Highlighted Landuse Issues/Links from Team Albright

1. Johnson Valley, the Hammers – PLEASE sign the petition needing 1000 signatures a day, to request the White House to deny any request by the 29 Palms Marine Base to use land from Johnson Valley OHV area for base expansion. We love the Marines; but they don’t need our OHV area. Go here to sign: http://ultra4racing.com/featured/1000-signatures-a-day-needed-to-help-save-the-hammers/.

2. Oregon – comments needed on Oregon Dunes Designated Routes Project DEIS, right away. Best coastal dunes around are in jeopardy and need our help. Your letter can make a difference. BRC has a sample letter here: https://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/2013/01/15/oregon--comments-needed-on-oregon-dunes-10c-designated-routes-project-deis.

3. Wilderness Costs: The economic costs of Wilderness, from USA-All (Utah Shared Access Alliance) – what a negative impact on local communities and economies. http://www.environmentaltrends.org/single/article/the-economic-costs-of-wilderness.html.

4. Fishing: Recreational fishing a positive impact for local (and national) economies in this new report Sportfishing in America: An Economic Force for Conservation. http://muirnet.net/news-bytes/new-report-highlights-recreational-fishing-s-broad-economic-and-conservation-impact.

5. UFWDA: United Four Wheel Drive quarterly magazine, with tons of 4x4 access info, The Compass, is online here: http://www.u4wda.org/.

6. “Big Green Money:” see this note from BlueRibbon Coalition how the anti-OHV legal efforts have grant money available to them approaching 100 million bucks! See the net assets of some of the biggies in the anti-crowd, here: https://www.sharetrails.org/public-lands/anti-ohv-legal-efforts-money-talks.

More from Team Albright here at http://www.delalbright.com.
Thanks for your help,
Del & Stacie Albright
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