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Went to Lake Wales mud hole again today. Didnt get a lot of video of us tearing it up, so much as video of us getting stuck. Had a good time. Video and pics:

Some still shots:
Guy from our other forum. His name, I dont remember. I just call him Blazer. His jeep was beast that he wasn't afraid to abuse:

Right after I pulled him out of this mudhole I decided it would be a good idea if I try it:

Then I did my old faithful imitation:

And did it again:

I hope to god this dog was wormed. If not, he's infested now!:

Jeep got a little dirty (this was after 1 self stuck and 1 winch out of Blazer). 3 more winch outs were to follow:

Jake got his jeep dirty. GO GATORS!!!!! He has a 4" Lift in the mail. Cant WAIT to see it!:

Ucfavenger had to actually tear this off to get a good recovery point! Eat your heart out grant lol:

I did bear some responsibility for him tearing it off. So, naturally, I had to get a pic w/ his trophy!:

Had a blast. Tested the limits of my rig in some nice mudholes. I am tired so I must have done something right.

Nice meeting you UCF (todd? - Im horrible w/ names).

Next run: Richloam night run after the meet n greet - next saturday.

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