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Perfect second toy or car for your wife. Car should make 265 whp and about 310 tq conservatively (assuming 20% drivetrain loss that is 330bhp and 390 ft/lb at the flywheel) Could make more than that, some guys seeing numbers even higher. It's fast, that's for sure. The beauty of it is, you can turn the tune on and off at will and that's the only thing done to the car (no exhaust, no engine mods). It is literally a pocket rocket! Tune come from a well respected turbo GM tuner, Trifecta Performance.

Believe it or not, we are actually selling to buy a Volvo S60 T6 / Audi A4 / S4 and the like because my Jeep sucks gas down and I can't fit a family of four in the Sky.

This is my wife's car and she never even knew how to turn the tune on (traction button twice is how I had the guy map it) so it was used very little.

We owe $10,000.

37,xxx - wife's daily driver, 2nd owner, bought it with 19k miles on it after I totaled her Sol GXP

Oil always changed with Mobil 1 Synthetic

I have seriously been meticulous about this car. It does have a couple of tiny rock chips that I never bothered to have touched up. Maybe three or four on the entire car.

Located in Gainesville, GA - 50 miles North of Atlanta

Josh - 678-520-1484

Considering all offers over $15,500.

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