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This is super basic..... I will add in more pics as it got dark and I didn't get to take them. If someone else has some to add by all means post em up... I can add them in for you..

Things you need:
  1. wire strippers or your teeth
  2. crescent wrench
  3. flat head screw driver
  4. wire crimper
  5. a coat hanger
  6. zip ties
  7. a cold beer

Basically unpack your box with KC Headlights... I installed the lights on the bumper with the supplied hardware and left the wires dangling. Open up your instructions and follow them on how to pre-wire everything. Its very easy!!!

Next step... Open your hood and passenger side door. You will have to find the side panel to the right of glove box. All I did was use a screwdriver to pry the side panel away a bit and slowly pull it off. You will find 4 snaps that hold the piece on. No screws....

After removing that panel, there is a small foam hole behind it going towards the firewall and battery. Run your screwdriver slowly through this hole and you should pop out the other side. There wasn't anything to run into but the foam. Go slow just in case...

Here is write up on the procedure for going through the firewall

Now you can run your wiring from the lights through.... I used a Coat Hanger to attach the wires to and run them through the hole you just created... The kit comes with a switch that you can mount anywhere you choose.. I decided to only use the switch and not the bracket. I mounted it in the dash to the far left of the factory buttons... Blends in nicely!! :)

Now wire up your switch according to the wiring diagram provided with your lights....
Mine had 3 connections:
  • One wire from the lights
  • One wire from the battery
  • One wire that you ground to the body.

I grounded it to the screw that holds the lower part of the dash on. There are many to choose from, just find one that contacts metal and not plastic.

Be sure to test your lights before you decide to close everything back up. Make sure you zip ties all loose wires.

If everything is working then close it all back up and sit back and admire how nice your new lights look!!! :beer:


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Looks good!

They fit that bumper well!

Thanks man.. I wasn't sure at first when I opened the box. These things looked huge.. After putting them on the bumper and stepping back they looked almost stock for the bumper.

Hey does anyone know if these lights should line up with the High or low beams? I am guessing that its all a matter of preference. They are for long distance, so I guess you would want them higher up like the high beam.. :confused:

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Most people just kinda aim them wherever looks right.

If you want to do it right you would park facing a wall with the lights 25 feet away from the wall. Next, measure the distance from the ground to the center of the lights. Then, on the wall, you would stick a piece of tape between 1.5" below what would be the center of the light. Then just aim the center of the beam at your mark

This is for driving lights, fogs you would just aim at the ground about 15-20' out
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