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A couple months ago I ordered the KargoMaster Congo Cage and the Kargo Master Safari Rack.

I installed them both, and used them for a trip. Since then they've been installed and I have gotten quite a few complements on the system from both jeep owners and civilians alike.

As of now, however, I do not neccessarily NEED a rack on my jeep, so I am offering this up to anyone localish at what I hope is a fair price.

What is included is:
1 Congo Cage designed for a 2007+ 2door Jeep Wrangler JK.
1 Safari Rack 52x60 inches.
1 set of brackets for mounting the Safari Rack on the Congo Cage.

Asking price: $700

This is the NO-DRILL cage and rack.

This will continue to be mounted on my jeep until I meet with the buyer, I am willing to help with the install assuming the buyer is willing to help with the de-install. This will be much easier than starting with a boxed item.

Localish area to me.. MD/DC/VA

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