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so i have a very eclectic suspension system on my jeep. i call it my military man mix. a mix of the 1st and 15th pay checks. clayton, ft, rk and poly to name a few parts.

so here inlies the problems. mixing poly and rk front end parts dosent work. more headaches then worth.

i started with rk's steering flip, trac bar relocate and trac bar. decided time to update tie rod and stabalizer so i went poly and fox. and while at it time to upgrade bolts so i also purchased a f911 bolt kit.

so the problems are
1. the larger bolt dosent go through the axle side of the rk trac bar cause the hemi joint's hole is too small. sweet the area where i saw movement i cant fix.

so i move on

2. installed the fox stabalizer bracket from poly to the rk raised trac bar mount. bolts are way too small to work with the holes aready drilled for the rk bracket install. no worries i have tons of grade 8 bolts and made it work. some people not soo lucky.

3. now here is where i blew a gasket. the damn drag link makes contact with the poly stabalizer mount well before full lock. so what do i do i install it anyway cause i have to drive 40 mins back home. just have to take it easy on left turns.

note to self stick with one company as much as possible. both companies make great products in thier own right. i am going a different direction so poly is where i am starting over.

any questions please feel free to ask. spent allot of time under the front end measuring. i also found my selector shaft loose in the steering box, great.

just empty every pocket.

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