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Hello Folks,

As you know, AAPL supports the Partnership For Johnson Valley (PFJV) in
their efforts to save one of the best OHV areas in the California desert.
They have created the petition above to convince Marine officials of the sheer numbers
of JV users who will be harmed by the loss of JV to OHV use.

They have collected 1200 signatures in the first days of the petition and let's double that amount for them!
This one is brand new and reworded from any earlier petition you may have signed, so please sign it.
This will also be used in a letter generator campaign to contact congressional reps.

Its very important and we are told it carries the weight of a written comment,
even if you have already submitted a comment and/or signed this previously.

If a page pops up asking for a donation, Ignore it, its a software issue with the
free petition site.

If you have not made a scoping comment, please also do so
visit http://www.pfjv.org/ for information, sample letters and comment instuctions.

Wayne Nosala

Thanks Wayne and all who sign this,

Greg Weirick
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