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JKOwners.com Invades the Tin Bender Jamboree
The first official JKOwners run was a smashing success! Ok, so maybe "smashing" isn't the right word to use when talking about Johnson Valley and JKs!
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Back in September of '08, Dan Dubose of Blue Torch Fab in Birmingham, AL, received a
private message about Viktor Whitlow, a young
Army Reserve Veteran who had his Jeep vandalized in the parking lot of his
college campus. The vandals broke into his Jeep TJ, destroyed the interior and
cut up the seats, slashed the tires, spray painted all over it, including
painting "Soldiers are Murderers" on the hood.
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56th Annual Jeeper's Jamboree
In 1952 several residents of Georgetown held a meeting to discuss the possibility of an organized jeep tour from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe, via the Rubicon Trail. What began as a Rotary Club effort to boost the economy of Georgetown, CA, still continues to play a major role in Georgetown's business community.
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A New President... Now What?
Recreationists who enjoy the backcountry, waterways, off-pavement trails and exploring have a huge new door of opportunity open to us, as well as a new challenge.

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