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So I was on Spike today which is Poison Spider, Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim trail for those of you that have not been to Moab. On the Golden Spike trail is an obstacle called the Double Whammy and it is somewhat notorious and has claimed it's share of parts as people attempt to climb this obstacle. This is an optional obstacle and many don't even try it because it claims it's victims quickly with *could be* fairly disabling breakage. I have tried it on a couple of other occasions myself without success or with success with an excess of silly pedal. So today I pointed the JK at the Double Whammy. Well I could tell you about the angles and how some go over backwards or slide off to the side and how the positioning of the two bumps is what makes this difficult and gives the obstacle its name but instead let me just show you how it went in pictures.

So yes indeed I pointed my JK at the obstacle and up it went. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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