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Yes thats right, MSN this morning has the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited as one of its "Spring Break" vehicles along with others like the FJ, drop top Mustang, Scion, Mini and other vehicles.

Here is the link:

And incase it gets moved like MSN tends to do here is a direct qoute of what they said about the JK and I think they got this one pretty right.

"For anyone who’s owned or wanted a Jeep Wrangler, the Unlimited raises a question: What took Jeep so long? With its four doors and bona fide back seat, the Unlimited has become the hottie of the Wrangler lineup. Almost a bad word during this holiday, the Wrangler requires commitment. It’s slower than Moby Dick, louder than the Warped Tour, and handles like a spring-break frosh after too many beer bongs. But in its natural element — the dirt, the boulders and, oh yes, the beach — the Wrangler drops its top, packs in the babes of both sexes and kicks sand in the faces of wimpy SUV wannabes."
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