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I sold the front D44 housing out of my 2008 Jeep JK Rubicon
I am selling the rest of the parts off of it.
Here is the screen shot of the price break downs
I live in Rocklin CA and can ship on buyers dime
All Parts are currently on the Jeep and will be coming off in a couple weeks.
If you want the parts you can put some money down to hold or say you want it and I will consider sold unless its a really high dollar item
NOTE--Steering knuckles are tapered bigger the stock for the tie rod setup I am running and the drag link hole is drilled to 3/4". I can supply the bushings for stock Jk taper and drill the knuckles to use the bushings

Right now PSC steering ram is considered sold and same with steering knuckles
Spyntec Conversion SOLD!!!!!

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