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JK Rubicon E-Lockers

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I was just wondering from those who have a JK Rubicon that is lifted with 35" or 37" tires, how are the stock E-Lockers holding up? Has anyone had any problems ? Just trying to get a general consensus about them.

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So far so good with mine and I use them regularly offroad.
I use mine all the time, no problems yet. :beer:
I am running 37s and have used them lots without a problem.
Well this is all positive feedback! Curious though, can you lock them independently? Or is there only one switch to control both?
Its the one switch... buuuut you press it once or twice to put in the rear or front and rear if you press it twice.
You will here the od complaint about them not disengaging but if you rock back an forward a few times theyll pop out.

The crap thing about them is you can only ingage them in 4 low. its on my to do list to rig up a bypass switch to the relays as no having lockers in 4 hi while doing big dune climbs is a pain in the ass
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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