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Pulling my axles out today to swap in 60's.
2011 jeepJK rubicon axles.
5.13 gears, electric lockers, alloy axle shafts front and rear that are less than a year old.
synergy ball joints, drag link, tie rod, trac bar, and internal sleeves. steering and trac bar are less than a year old. it includes a double sheer clamp for the hydro assist ram clamp. ($1100 worth of steering, but it drives great)
artec truss kit and C reinforcements.
trac bar relocation brackets front and rear with beefy mounts and a hydro assist mount

this set up bolts right into any JK and has been extremely dependable.
the pics were before the ram assist.
im not separating them. no parting them out. you get it all and you will like it.
I'll get better pics after I pull them today.
also selling the wheels and tires soon.


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