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Ok, some of you may have seen these or got some in the Crutchfield promo last summer, here's your chance to get a smokin deal on true Raingler grab handles. These handles are stout and comfortable and honestly the best I have seen of any brand in person. Here's the deal; the next 10 people that order Raingler grab handles from this page: http://www.raingler.com/merch88GrabHandles.htm
Order what you need first. Upon completing order, PM me here right away. I'll refund the 1/2 back on the grab handles to your method of payment. Limit of 4 handles per address please
You MUST mention BOGO in a PM to me here right after you order.. I almost always ship the same or next day, once it leaves, it's too late.

JK's use our 3" size in the front and the bolt in style in the back normally.

The Ballistic; a full extreme duty wrap, been tested by honest to goodness 350 lb linebacker with ONE hand. Scuda tyle handle, very comfortable! They are the real deal!

The Basic; Simple; effective and flush up to the bars if you like. 200# max

The back seat; bolts in, nice scuba style handle, really strong and comfortable. 350# rating.

Again, first and only first 10 JKOwners forum members get this deal. Thanks for the great welcome here Jeepin Peeps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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