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Not a total jeep newb. I originally had a 03 rubi 4 linked on 36's.
blew up the 4.0 anfter rolling it (shot a rod). next toy was a 97 ZJ w/ a HP44 frotn and a 60 Full float in the rear. It sat on 37's. Sold it.
got a tow rig (02 powerstroke on 37's) I am selling it right now, just bought a brand new 2 dr green metallic Rubi. It got a freedom top (gonna order a soft top this summer) and the MYGIG system. Prety sweet. I pick her up back in Georgia on Monday. 2.5bb already shipped to the house as well as some 35s and some steelies. throwing it on monday afternoon. Can't wait to get back in the jeep world, Im pumped!!!!!! wheeling it 2 weekends from now. probably will make a tellico december trip before it closes. Ive been lurking here and reading some good info. I go to school at App State in Boone, NC. I your nearby PM me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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