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JK Heavy Duty Radiator?

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I have a 2010 Jk with 37's, I'm having a issue when I get about half ways up a mountain, I start smelling anti freeze, the temp gage moves a little but not much. What I would like to do is to replace the factory radiator fan and replace it with a heavy duty one. Does anyone know of a good after market HD fan?
Or any ideas please?
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darn, Gunny. I did it again , didn't I? I can't help it...

OP, maybe update this with the resolution you come up with to help others when you solve the problem. Also, hit the Welcome Room and introduce yourself when you've time to do so . Welcome!
Yep you sure did. :surprise: I was going to write a nice response but then I remembered that we just did this scenario like two weeks ago.

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I have a C & R Radiator and it's an excellent product. That think was packaged very well to protect it from shipping and was perfect when I received it. They do a lot of NASCAR builds.
Holy jesus, I understand you pay for quality but didn't know I had to do it on allotment.
I honestly read this and the first time - which I based my answer about the cap and the coolant level on - I swear I thought OP was asking about RADIATOR replacements, not fan.
it has been a long week.

The thread title threw it off. I thought the same thing.
Hey, silver bullet thanks for coming back and checking on this. :thefinger:
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