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Has anyone else had issues with the angle of the front headrest?
Don't know if this is just a 2012 thing or not.
The stupid headrest is tilted so far forward that it forces my head forward just a little bit. If I move so its not uncomfortable, it forces me forward in the seat a bit and then my shoulders are a good distance from the seat.
Now my wife has a bigger issue. Shes just over 5' tall and the stupid headrest looks like its trying to mount her head. It pushes her head forward and then the tilt of it makes it come in contact with the back/top of her head.
We flipped as soon as we got the Jeep home and that solved the problem but it doesn't add any safety if we get in a accident.
I decide to take the head rest out, put one between 2 boards and then clamp it in my bench vise. I then pulled the rods back toward a more straight angle and then reinstalled the headrest.
Now they sit at a better angle.
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