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We've had these available for a while, as an add-on to Tuff Country's JK lift kits, but why not offer them seperately as well right?

We've also knocked the cost down some as well, packaged with the lift they've come down around $70 less when packaged with a lift. If you haven't looked at TC's lifts yet, I do recommend you check them out. They're a very well assembled kit, we've got their performance ez-flex (top of 3 levels) kit on one of our vehicles so I can answer any questions about the install or details of the kit.

On to the drivelines...

Front for both models (pn40800):

Rear for Unlimited 4dr (pn40801):

Rear for Wrangler 2dr (pn40802):

*cough*Oh and so you know where they're coming from...the sticker on them when they arrive says "Reel"*cough*
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