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JK Custom Roll Cage by KMA Fabrication

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Look what KMA Fabrication started in my JK. I have looked at different options for the JK and KMA has come up with the best I have seen. It ties into the front pillar and seems to be very strong. He has made a cage that goes all the way to the floor but I wanted all the leg room I could have so Scott designed this one for me. The mounts are 1/4" and are gusseted very well. It doesn't block the speaker mounts and the factory plastics are trimmed to keep the factory look.

I will get more pics up as soon as KMA Fabrication finishes it.
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Guys I am sure Scott will have some pricing soon, but it all depends on how inclusive you want it. We are scheduled to finish mine on Wednesday. Scott has made all my cages. He can go as extreme as you would like. He built my uprights out of DOM and he will be building the rest of the cage out of mild steel. You can't go wrong having KMA Fabrication build it for you. I am super picky and Scott always can build beyond my expectations.
My cage is getting closer

Scott made a lot of progress today. I am so happy with his work. Scott you rock. http://www.kmafabrication.com
Thank you

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The cage worked great. A friend rode in it at Moab and he loved the handles. Thanx again.
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