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JK Custom Roll Cage by KMA Fabrication

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Look what KMA Fabrication started in my JK. I have looked at different options for the JK and KMA has come up with the best I have seen. It ties into the front pillar and seems to be very strong. He has made a cage that goes all the way to the floor but I wanted all the leg room I could have so Scott designed this one for me. The mounts are 1/4" and are gusseted very well. It doesn't block the speaker mounts and the factory plastics are trimmed to keep the factory look.

I will get more pics up as soon as KMA Fabrication finishes it.
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Thanks Jer for the pics.
The tweeter speakers have to be moved for this option.They are easy to put anywhere else.The mount on this roll bar is 1/4 steel and bolts in the factory bolts for the dash and two more wholes are drilled in the pinch weld under the windshield.This cage is a weld in application,I will make this a builders kit as soon as it's all done.
pricing all depends on you.you can get as wild as you wish and I don't like to build the same units also because everyone likes different options thats why I prefer to sell them as a custom unit so call me at 559-493-8314 or E-mail @ [email protected].
Thanks for all the interest Scott Ralph KMA fabrication.com
To run tubing to the floor look at my other design on the new products page or my website KMAfabrication.com.To go through the dash is not going to work.I'll work on making more gusseting from the top mount and the floor,but keep in mind the $$$$$$ keep going up and harder to install.
The time it takes to take out all the factory plastic and padding and reinstall takes more time then the tube work.
Jer and I looked at going to the floor through the dash today and with dash mods it may work.So Jer's two door JK might go through the dash because we're going to make a cage from scratch.Stay tuned
Yes all plastic was put back on we'll post pics soon keep lookn thanks. You can look at new products page for the pics of the other cage I did.
Going to make a builders kit by july 2009 watch website and blogs
Just about ready on the builders kit call for preorder

how much $$$$$$$$$$

PM me price im interested
price will depend on what you want (number of bars in cage)
i was just interested in the front mounts thru the dash i have acess to DOM and a tube bender and really nice welder i just would need the brakets if your willing to just sell them
not just brackets. Afraid of copy cats. Sorry.
well what does a builders kit consist of ?

im very unhappy with my rockhard cage and im looking to make my own i just cant bend 14 plate lol

and dont want to spend $$$$$ on shipping
The price starts at $400 + shipping for the front part and you can add more bars . That includes my brackets A-pillar bars (1 3/4") two dash bars (1 1/4")
upper and lower . If you need more bars let me know .
All bars are cut and notched.
Interested...a few questions.
1) Any word on the through the dash to the floor option?
2) Did you get pics of the plastic all put back in place?
3) How about using the 1 3/4 tube on all pieces instead of reducing to 1 1/4? Possible?
4) Where did you relocate the tweeters to?

1. Have not finished yet . 2. yes on my website . 3. totally posible . 4. I put them in the cage . THANKS

what about strengthening the rear at the tub? Its just spot welded to the tub
So is the rest of the factory cage . And if you need more thats what I do . Thats why I'm a costum shop . So I'll build it any way you want .
1 - 12 of 30 Posts
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