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JK Custom Roll Cage by KMA Fabrication

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Look what KMA Fabrication started in my JK. I have looked at different options for the JK and KMA has come up with the best I have seen. It ties into the front pillar and seems to be very strong. He has made a cage that goes all the way to the floor but I wanted all the leg room I could have so Scott designed this one for me. The mounts are 1/4" and are gusseted very well. It doesn't block the speaker mounts and the factory plastics are trimmed to keep the factory look.

I will get more pics up as soon as KMA Fabrication finishes it.
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Just about ready on the builders kit call for preorder
how much $$$$$$$$$$

PM me price im interested
i was just interested in the front mounts thru the dash i have acess to DOM and a tube bender and really nice welder i just would need the brakets if your willing to just sell them
not just brackets. Afraid of copy cats. Sorry.
well what does a builders kit consist of ?

im very unhappy with my rockhard cage and im looking to make my own i just cant bend 14 plate lol

and dont want to spend $$$$$ on shipping
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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