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Located in Parker, CO, just south of Denver

Front is ProRock 44 unlimited
RCV shafts
5:13 gears
rubicon E-locker
Poly ball joints
Poly weld on trackbar mount with hydro tabs
Poly tierod and flipped drag link
axle comes complete ready to bolt in.
Just under 8,000 miles on this unit, all new in 2011

Rear is a TeraFlex CRD 60, new in 2013, less than 3k on the unit
ARB locker
35 spline shafts 5x5 bolt pattern
complete with brakes
Willing to separate and will ship on buyers dime.

CL Denver add
Jeep JK Rubicon Axles CRD60 rear and Prorock 44 front

Travis 913-231-6357

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sdfnvsdlfkmnjvsdlkfnjvslkfjnv WHYYYYYY do you have to have 5.13 gears in the prorock :( you make me sad panda.

I would have loved this if it had 4.88 gears.
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