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Agree with all above but the cool factor of a JK-8 is "priceless"... There is a lot of 2012 new left over JK-8's for sale all over the internet and now is a great buying time! The dealers are cutting them loose from $35,000 to $41,000.00. I bought a new one loaded on ebay for $36,500.00..:)
One of the Guys in our Jeep club has a JK8 - the dealer had it sitting on the lot for a year, and was losing money with it just sitting there. When he bought a new JK, I heard the dealer cut him a deal & he got it for nearly the same price as other nicely optioned Wranglers on the lot. He's since lineX'ed the whole thing, done a lift/bumpers/winch/35's & wheels the hell out of it. It's handy, and he & his wife love it.

But... it's as practical as a Corvette for a primary vehicle. Fun for a single person, okay for 2... And worthless for a family. They've got a baby on the way, and just added a JKUR to their household as the baby buggy. They managed to swing it, but I could see many people in that circumstance having to cut the built JK8 loose at a big loss in order to afford a Jeep with more than 2 seats.

Just a little food for thought...
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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