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Jk 44 in an Mj

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I don't own a jk, but i figured it would be a good idea to ask actual owners.
I'm looking to do a Jk Rubicon front 44 swap into my MJ. My first concern was the cracked tubes, was that a bad batch or has this been a common problem? What have some of you guys done to beef them up? How well do the lockers hold up, have there been any problems with them? How hard would it be to wire it up to a simple 12v switch? Do you guy think its a worthwhile swap or am i better of narrowing a HP44 from a Ford?

Thanks in Advance,
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The JK 44 axles are a steal for the price I think. The axle tubes are small...I have seen two or three people break a tube...and the C's seem to like to bend with bigger tires. Off road evolution has some brackets you can weld on to reinforce the C's tho. The locker does a pretty decent job, I think they are like anything else...there are always a few issues here and there. Also, it is easy to hook up a switch to activate the locker.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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