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Hi to all, i,m.new to the forum but i've been trying to read as much as possible.
The question that i have is the following: can a use my jk unlimited 08' hardtop in a 2 door jk '07.
I used to have an unlimited jk but it was stolen without the top. A few days ago i bought a 2 door, it is being shipped so it will be here next week. So i'm wondering if can use my old top in my new 2 door jeep.
Also, i don't discard the idea to buy a new jk unlimited in the near future so not sure if i should just keep it and see if i can have a use for it. By the way i only have the rear, no front panels. Also, i have an offer of $800 for the hardtop(rear).
Thank u so mich for your comments!

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You can use the freedom panels, that is it.
True. Watch the for sale section or Craigs List if you have a version in your area. You can find some great deals out there.

Welcome to JKO.
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