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I'm the guy that flagged you down at the intersection driving the Red Rock JKUR. Good talking with you at the light... sorry I prevented you from getting the turn arrow!

Shoot me a note when/if you see this message. I make my way to Rausch and Wharton occasionally - see if we can connect for a trip.

Jeff, no worries, I made the light.

Nice Rig. We've got a group going to Rausch next weekend 11/16 if you would like to come along. Gonna do Centralia on the way home on the 17th.

We get together in my garage (PA Garage) 3 - 4 times a year, and also wrench in several locations in Jersey. We also wheel different locals every month if not more often.

About the deep stuff and snorkels. While most of the pics you see are Jeeps headed through deep water, at least half the Crew keeps to the low points. Many of us do have snorkels, and we generally help each other out with the installs.

If you are looking for some good folks to wheel, wrench, and eat bacon, you won't find a better group.

Post up in the JC thread and come on out for some good times. Only requirements are a thick skin, respect for the rangers and land, and bacon. A jeep is highly recommended.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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