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This kit super easy to install.
Open the box and you have the following:
2- mounting brackets,
4- #2 Screws ,
4- 3/8 nuts with built in lock washers,
4- Black plastic spacers for the screws,
4- Rubber Quick Fists (tool mounts),
4- wing nuts with built in washers (upgrade kit)

Tools required:
#2 Screw Driver
3/8 Socket or wrench
Red Thread locker

Place the screw thru the black plastic spacer and then insert the screw and plastic spacer into each quick fist.

Next take one mounting bracket and install two quick fists. Make sure to use thread lock at this time on the 3/8 nuts, snug the screw and nut together making sure not to distorted the plastic spacer or Quick Fist. Make sure you have the Quick Fist straps facing away from each other (toward the Out side of the mounting bracket. Follow these steps for the other mounting bracket and quick fists.

Go to your high lift Jack place the first mounting bracket bolt in the 6th hole from the base of the jack and install both wing nuts from the bottom looking up. Place the second mount bracket in the 26th hole and install wing nuts. tighten the wing nuts evenly and snug with a pair of pliers.

Next install tools into Quick fist Mounts and you are Done!!!!!!

I used a 36inch shovel that I Bed lined for the stealth look.
I ordered a 31 3/4inch Gerber xl Axe soon to be installed.

Great Product no movement, rattles or squeaks. I highly recommend this tool mount. I have been running the High Lift Mounting Brackets for over a year now, with great success and and I have recieved a lot of compliments.

What is so nice about Jeep Swags Hi-lift mounts and tool attachments is that they are up out of your line of sight and super secure.

Brett (Woods) is a great guy with great ideas that work.

Thanks JeepSwag.com

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Great review - THANKS for posting. :beer:
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