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Forgive me for being naive, but I really have no idea about my question so I am going to post it here to hopefully get some help...

I need to find an affordable shop (or person) in the Raleigh area who can install a top on my Jeep JK. If they are a vendor who can sell a top that's a plus, but I can always order one online, which will probably be cheaper.

The problem is I have my rig in Raleigh at a friends and need to drive it back up to NY. There is currently no top on it and I stripped the cage/roll bars down and removed all the foam padding. With that being said I think my options for tops might be a little limited, but Im not sure. Before I come and pick it up to drive I need to get a top put on it, so it easier if I can find someone to install one this week that's a plus.

Anyone on here who'd like to make a little extra cash hit me up, or if you have an recommendations for a shop please post them. Thanks in advance.
I believe there is a 4 Wheel parts in Raleigh. Look them up and give them a call.

I know the 4WP in Charlotte ahs a shop and also does installs.
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