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Jeep Novice looking for pricing advice...

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I have never owned a Jeep, but have had some 4wd vehicles in my lifetime (last one was a Nissan Titan about 2 yrs ago). I'm in the market for an Unlimited and finally persuaded the wife to give me the OK with all the incentives going on.

I won't be doing any big-time off-roading/rock-crawling because me and my kids schedules are way to busy and seem to be getting busier as they get older. But I would like to have the option open to be adventurous if the urge calls and also be confident in my vehicle in winter weather which I have not felt in a while (luckily winter seems to have missed us this year).

I was at a dealership last night asking questions and looking at what they had, but did not see any '09s that said buy me but they had a couple '08s that were close to what I spec'd online. As I was getting ready to leave and the salesman was getting me some printouts of what they had, he came back with a window sticker in his hand and told me I might be able to get a real good price on this one.

They have a 2008 Steel Blue Unlimited Sahara that was used by a salesman/demo, Auto, 3.73, Limited Slip and Dual Top with a little over 9,000 miles on it. He said since it had to be sold as new that all the current incentives are good on it, plus the dealership throws in an extra $500 gas card that he said could be the same as cash.

Base is 27,490 and the Total Price is 30,855.

Given that Employee Pricing would probably be about 28,000 on a similar '09 setup, and then another 2500-3000 off of that for incentives. What would be a ballpark price I should consider starting at to offer?

This is in Western PA.

Any other thoughts and advice greatly appreciated...


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WAY WAY over priced. You could buy a lifted rubi for that.
Thats about what I paid for my 08' back in April. There were no incentives at the time and I'm in South Jersey with 7% sales tax. Mine totaled out at $31,500 after taxes and everything.
that sounds high. I bought my rubi for 31K in 2007 (and I think that was high).

Now that the JK has been out for a couple of years, there are starting to be good deals on JK's where the owner dropped a bunch of cash for upgrades but isn't getting the money back.

One thing to consider is the gearing. With a Rubicon you get 4.10 gears (also with some of the 2007 JK's you could get 4.10 in an X/sahara model with the tow package). Reason I mention this is for what you described as your use, you could run up to a 35" tire without having to regrear. If you're going 33 or smaller the gears won't be an issue.
30,855 is the sticker price from when it first came to the dealership. I'm wondering if I may be able to get this for around 25,000 or less out the door? If I was to get a go for an '09 Sahara with the same options I was thinking it would probably be about 24,000 + TTL
About 7 months ago I got a used 4 door rubicon, 4k miles, half doors and manual trans for $24k. Well it started at that price, got them to almost pay off the trade and come down to $23k. Vehicles are not selling right now and you have the power. I walked away from mine and the next day I got called 4 times with the price getting lower and lower!
Waaay too high. I bought a brand new Rubi Unlimited (sticker over $33K) for $25.5K.
there is a $1250 factory rebate on the 2008 and a $500 rebate on the 2009 model.

for $750 difference go with a 2009.

now, for EPP - on a Jeep there is usually around $3000 from invoice to MSRP. Then there is about 3% of the MSRP to get to the EP price - figure about $1500 on a Rubicon.

so a 2009 has $5000 off right off the top. There is credit union or chrysler financial rebates of $1000 on the wrangler - that brings you to around $6000 off true window sticker MSRP.

now, since these are round numbers, make an offer of somewhere around $1000 - $2000 less than that and you should have a good deal and not cut the dealers nuts off.

so all in all - take $7000 - $8000 off sticker and combine with 0% for 48 mos (740+ fico) and save some big $$$ on your vehicle purchase :)

note - they should show you the invoice and the EPP price. the rebates come off of that number then hit with $1000 - $2000 under that
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Don't forget that 9000+ miles eats up 1/4 of your warranty. How much is that worth to you? Legally it may be able to be sold as a new car, but don't pay new car price for it. Look up book value on a 1 year old Jeep with that mileage. See if you're willing to pay that, because that is what it is - a 1 year old used car.
Go to another stealership.... the guy that offered you that deal should have been wearing a ski mask.
Demo vehicle? They should be taking 5-10k off price up-front, before any other discounts. Demo == "not sold, but heavily used". I.e., treat it like it's a used one.

The salesman's trying to screw you.

Bought an 08 rubicon unlimited in Feb.of 08 for my wife and paid $31,500. I cant get her to wheel it so I will sell it to you for what they are selling that one for. I'll get her a damn bicycle until she learns that wheelin is life.

No actually wouldnt do that either. Just mad at her because my 07 is beat all to hell and hers still looks brand new and she will not let me put 6 inches and 37's on it. Just looked at kelly blue book on her 08 and it is private party, excellent shape value $25,665. retail was $28,500. Thats a Rubi. The one your looking at is not.
Price sounds very high. The salsman told you "You might be able to get a good deal on it"? It has 9k on it so it isn't new, even if they have to sell it as such. Is it exactly what you were looking for? Don't worry about what the salesman thinks it's worth. Decide what that model is worth to you. Offer him 20k, or whatever you are willing to pay, (over the phone) and let him "work" the paperwork on his end. Keep shopping around. There are some insane deals out there right now.

Best of luck,
You might want to shop some out of state dealers too. I had $8K off sticker back in late Nov/early Dec so I'm sure there are some smoking good deals right now.

I just looked at our local dealers' ads and some are saying $10K off sticker for unlimiteds. That would pay for your trip, spending money and lots of mods for the Jeep!

Good luck.
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