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Jeep jk seat swap to JKU

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would it be possible to swap the back seat of a JKU into a JK? I am trying to get 5 to fit in my jk (uncomfortable) but just in case I need to carry 5 people.
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Aren't the back seats of the JK right between the wheelwells?
I do not think the 2 door has the room between the wheel wells for the 4 door back seat. I know there are kits to put a "third row" in the back of the 4 doors using a 2 door back seat.
I think y’all are right and it won’t fit. The seats are between the wheel wells. The reason I am asking is we are about to have our 3rd child (7,2,newborn so 2 car seats) and I would like to be able to carry everyone occasionally if needed. It wouldn’t be often but would like the opportunity to carry all 4 plus me. Would it be possible to add a third seatbelt in the middle? Maybe I could fit the car seats on the side and have my oldest sit in the middle with a makeshift seatbelt thing.
I know the problem. I 'fixed' it by getting a JKU...
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