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JEEP Jamboree Scandinavia 2008

When: June 13-15:th, 2008
Where: Gelleråsen, Karlskoga, Sweden

Jeep Club Sweden celebrates its first ten years as the official Swedish Jeep Club. To mark this event we will arrange a Jeep Jamboree. It will be filled with activities and brotherhood between Jeepers from Scandinavia and northern Europe.
Whether you prefer to go offroad or onroad doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to own a Jeep…

This event will take place on and around Gelleråsen racetrack where the Classic Car Race “Velodromloppet” is held at the same weekend.

The weekend will be filled with exciting things to do and see, i.e:

*A tour on old forgotten roads in Värmland. On the route you will find tricky questions for all ages and tasks for you and your co-riders to solve. Take the chance to experience the wonderful countryside of Värmland, a fantastic piece of Sweden with variable landscape and magnificent scenery.

*Offroad Taxi for those who never ventured offroad before. You will go offroad by an experienced driver behind the wheel.

*Technical practice course built by Jeep's own specialist Webber Arnold, see what you and your Jeep are capable of. With the help of skilled instructors you will learn the simple, yet so necessary tricks to find your way outside the paved roads.

*Jeep will attend with the latest Jeep models to test on the technical practice course.

*Offroad training, theory and practice.
Learn from the experienced drivers. It might save you and your Jeep unnecessary damage in the future.

*Engineers from Jeep will be on site to answer questions regarding your Jeep.

*A Jeep exhibition. Vote for your favorite in the classes, Willy’s, modified and original.
*Jeep through history, see the Jeep evolution in real life. There will be Jeeps of many generations
represented, from early war models until latest editions.

*Games and contests for the whole family, with great prices to win.

*Velodromloppet with classic racecars.

*Classic car show.

*Air show.


And loads of other activities for you and your family to add to the fun; rafting, canoeing, horseback safari, MTB safari, rail trolley rides, fishing and a lots more. And - of course - chance to spend time together with fellow Jeepers from anywhere!

All types of accommodation from camping to the luxurious Loka Brunn Spa, by your own choice.

More information will follow continuosly on the Jeep Jamboree Scandinavia website, soon on the Internet, until then watchhttp:// www.jeepclubsweden.se for updates.

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