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WHATS IN THE BOOOOX??????????????????
Yea venom...Spill it! :bounce:

Poly Performance....(?)
Rugged Ridge....(?)

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productive day in the shop!
some of the boxes went away...

JK got:
Rugged Ridge stubby front bumper with stinger and my old 12K winch
RockHard rear bumper w/carrier
Rock Hard front and rear sport bar kit w/padding and made trim pieces for the windshield corners

on to the bikes
put a crash bar on the GF's shadow 600
and did the Buell peg mod to lower the foot pegs on the new B-King

Still have upper and lower PP front arms to install and teraflex high steer/track brace and front end brace kit to install
then I'll be out of boxes till the rest of the loot shows up!

No pics till tomorrow

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tonight got the polyperformance arms out of the way
took a good look at the TF high steer/front end brace kit tonight
might get that tomorrow
gotta weld on the frame brace and pick up the right drill bit for the steering knuckle to do that install

while everyone else plays at Katemcy I'm in the shop working :bawling:
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