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Jeep Beach 2013 - "Sun for Days" by Rebel Off Road - YouTube

Jeep Beach is one of the most unique 4x4 events held in the world. You must experience it to understand it. Thousands of vehicles descend upon Daytona Beach, Florida for this annual festival of sunshine and round headlights.

Rebel Off Road joined the masses as a Rubicon level sponsor again this year, making us one of the longest running heavy hitters to help support this fantastic gathering. Put on by the Mid Florida Jeep Club in collaboration with the Shores Resort and Spa and Daytona International Speedway -- Jeep Beach never fails to deliver on fantastic people and plenty of scenery.

So here's how it works: Day 1 is the "unofficial" kick off held at Hooters across from the Daytona International Speedway. It's where the early arrivals say hello to the club and get an updated status of the weeks' agenda.

Day 2 is the "official" kick off held at Lucky's, a bowling alley that quickly turns into a mini-Jeep dealership! The parking lot filled up so fast people were left parking on top of other Jeeps, curbs, grass, anywhere they could.

Day 3 - well, let's call day 3 a block party. Day 3 was held at the local Harley Davidson dealership and in no way was it possible to see every Jeep that arrived. There must have been well over 500. It was a zoo -- but tons of fun.

Day 4 was registration day at the Shores Resort and Spa (aka Host Hotel). The line was MASSIVE. People stood in line for up to 3 hours to sign up for the following day's event at the Speedway. Day 4 was the first day we were able to set up a booth and do a proper meet and greet with our fans.

Day 5 was the "run" and obstacle course held at the Daytona International Speedway. We don't need to describe it to much here, just watch the video to get an idea what it was all about.

We can't thank all our friends enough for their outpouring of support. Peter White and his family -- special thanks to Caitlyn for being our Jeep Beach Miss Rebel -- aka Miss Attitude :) Thank you to Bed Hedrick and Hedrick SpeedSports for your fantastic support and private "coastal waterway" tour. Congratulations to Yeti owners Jess and Bill -- your REBELCON turned out absolutely fantastic. Absolutely a monster on the East Coast -- well, anywhere really! Of course, thank you for your friendship as well.

To all our friends, both old and new, east coast and west coast, thank you for your support. We wouldn't and couldn't do this without you.
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