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Got the JCR Classic bolt on sliders installed today. Went very smooth, only had to hit one hole on the pinch seam due to it not being punched smoothly. First order, wait patiently and prepare for the job. I decided on using bed liner for the non slip texture. Rustoleum Professional in spray cans did a nice job. When the sliders arrive remove from box and admire welds. Next clean, deburr, hit with scotch bright and prime.

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When the primer is dry, I use self etching on raw steel but epoxy will work, it's time to hang for easier painting.

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Allow about 1 hour between light coats. When painting these I shot 2 light coats then let sit 24 hours. Hit them again with 2 more light coats, let sit overnight and checked for coverage. When you have enough coats to suit you, I ended up with 5 light coats then let cure. I let dry for 3 days, 48hours would probably do.

You'll need a 10mm wrench, and a 13mm to remove the stock Rubi rails. Remove the four(2dr) or six(4dr) pinch seam bolts. Next remove the two 13mm bolts holding rail to bottom of tub. Remove the bolts circled in green only. If you are careful you won't need help yet. Just leave the rails pushed tight against the tub till the large bolts are removed. Carefully slide out from under there and just pull, the studs were holding the rail on.

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Keep all hardware if you are going to sell them, I just reattached the bolts to the studs. Next check the holes in the pinch seam, I didn't and had to remove one to enlarge enough to get the new stainless bolts in.

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Now remove the two body mount bolts, they are 18mm, you may have to pull down on them while spinning to get them to turn loose. Next with a helper or using a floor jack lift sliders in place.

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Attach the 18mm bolts loosely so slider can move around. Now install supplied stainless bolts to pinch seam. Tighten all pinch seam bolts before going back to the two 18mm body bolts. Once everything is tight you are golden.
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