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ADDICTION II build begins....
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So here are the guidelines/rules:

1. Heavily Modified class includes: 37s or larger, axle overhauls (including possible regearing) to support said tires, coilover suspension or 3/4-links, HEMIs, roll-cages, bumpers, winches, body cutting, etc.

GenRight - (2) $50 gift certificates

3. Vote Rule: Vote for your favorite rig by selecting the "Rig Post #" as I have listed them on this thread. The votes will be counted by the "Post #" you select/enter and who you as the forum members determined deserved title of the JK of the Month for this class! So what everyone has to do is:

A. Hit the Reply Button
B. Post "I vote for 'Post #__' for Heavily Modified Class"

4. Only vote one time for one rig!

5. Competition will begin on 14 January and run through JKO post date/time group stamp on/about midnight of 19 January. The rig that wins the voting for Heavily Modified JK of the month will be announced on 20 January and will receive the Vendor Prize!

Good luck to everyone!

ADDICTION II build begins....
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This is VANNA!!!! 2010 JKU Sport!

-3.5" Rubicon Express Lift
-37/1250r17 Goodyear MTR/K's
-17x9 7069 Procomp Wheels
-2011 Stock Soft Top
-Stock Stubby Front Bumper
-Smittybilt XRC Rear and Tire Carrier
-ACE Engineering Hi-Lift Billet Hod Mounts
-Hi-Lift 48" Cast Steel Jack
-Uniden Pro 510xl CB
-48" Firestick
-Teraflex CB Antenna Mount
-Drake Offroad Polished Shift knob and Transfer Case Knob
-Superior Front Axle Seals
-Superior 5.13 gears (Front and Rear)
-Rugged Rudge Dash Organizer

ADDICTION II build begins....
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3.5" Rock Krawler Mid Arm X Factor lift (Rivercity Offroad)
5100 Bilstein shocks
37/13. 50 /17 Nitto Mud Grapplers (Krawl Offroad)
Moto metal m909
ACE Rock rails
XRC rear bumper w/tire swing (thanks Rich)
Zenon flat fenders (Shorts)
Custom Tailgate plate by desertsnake
Poison Spyder Brawler Lite (due here Friday)
Teraflex CB Antenna Mount
Rugged Ridge Relo Mirrors
Poison Spyder Evap Skid
Grim Jeeper Decals By Pixel decal

Thx JKO for the build help

ADDICTION II build begins....
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RoCk-NeSs MoNsTeR

39x14.5-17LT Pitbull Mad Dogs on 17" Mopar/Hutchinson Dual Beadlock Wheels
4" Teraflex Advanced Lift with Flex Arms and Monster HD Track Bar
RadFlo 2.0 Shocks
PSC 1.75" Hydro Ram Assist Steering
Rock Hard Cage and Full Skid Plates
Pure Jeep Rock Sliders
Off-Road Evo Rockstart rear LCA skids
Poison Spyder Front BFH Bumper with Trail Stinger
Poison Spyder Read BFH Bumper
Warn 9.5ti winch with Synthetic Line
Poly Performance Sleeved and Gusseted front axle
Poly Performance Tie Rod and Drag Link
Rebel OffRoad Drilled and Slotted Brakes
Teraflex Diff Covers
Undercarriage heavily modified by big rocks.
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