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Hi all,

Had a chance to take the Rubicon out to my old stomping grounds in the Daniel Boone National Forest of eastern KY (I used to live next to it). Was just a one day trip and wife had to work so I was alone but I had a GoPro and my phone so I managed to get a few videos on pictures.

Was my first trip to the actual woods in the Rubicon and I came away very impressed with its capabilities. Carnage was limited to a few dents in the bumper (the edges are not steel reinforced the like the rest of it... Apparently), one mirror shell damaged and one fender slightly tweaked.

Was a foggy morning heading up the aptly named "Big Hill Road". Got on the road about 6:30.

Soon cleared up. This photo is taken ALMOST in site of where I entered the woods.

Stopped on top of a hill near the entrance to enjoy the view and set up the camera.

Finally on an actual trail!

Random sort-of poser shot... Sway bar disconnect really lets it flex.

Finally onto some actual wheeling. Bottom part of a rocky climb. I had actually never been up this trail before... Its only about a mile from a rocky beach on the edge of Horselick Creek where we have camped several times but the one time I tried it on a bike it was insanely wet (and, to be totally honest, I was insanely hung over from having a little too much fun the previous night at camp) and I did not make it up.

Same hill, different angle.

Top of the hill at the harder section. Had to use both lockers and a little momentum but made it up on the second attempt.

Sadly I never discovered where the trail went as it got narrow and after struggling with situations like the above for an hour or so I finally got to a spot where there was just no getting through even in a small vehicle. Guess it must be a SxS trail.

The nearby beach where we sometimes camp.

Random hillclimb. Got pretty much to the top before realizing it didn't go anywhere useful.

Small waterfall somewhere along the trail.

Top of a rocky hill. Jeep made such short work of it that Gropro only captured the very bottom and the top when on 10 second interval mode.

Got a little sideways here and the back end of the Jeep tried to make a break for the edge... It was only 100+ft down! Did not even realize how close it had got until I got out and looked afterwards.

The area is riddled with caves including this one beside the trail. Entrance was choked with debris and it was getting late so I didn't try to explore.

Seems I am limited to 15 images per post so I guess that's it for this post although actual trip went on for a number of miles more. A trail I remembered as being a mile or so long and passable in a stock Jeep of the non-Rubicon variety turned out to be around 10 miles and had gotten quite a bit worse in the 8 years or so since I had travelled it.

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Just 200 short years ago most of the nation (hell most of the WORLD) would have been forests about like this and no one would have had the advantage of a sophisticated 4x4 vehicle. People are WAY too soft these days. Besides I had a hand winch in the back.

One of my biggest issues with modern society is the constant worry about safety.... Like what the actual fuck do people think will happen in the woods of Kentucky?? There is literally NOTHING out there that can kill me except the cold and possibly the hillbillies from the movie Deliverance... I have a gun for the hillbillies and if I can't figure out how to survive a few nights in the cold I need killed anyway.

I am not a very social person and, until I was married 5 years ago all but a handful of my trips in vehicles, on a dirt bike and on foot have been alone... I have probably spent HUNDREDS of nights alone in the woods in all seasons intentionally and unintentionally... I have never ONCE felt like I was close to death or serious injury. Humanity has largely lost its collective ability to handle even the most basic situations... In a span of time that it barely measurable in a geological scale we have gone for a world being alive when you were 18 meant you had some survival skills to a world where kids feel the need to demand the GOVERNMENT step in to save them from dangers that exist at their high school... Its pathetic.

Not that I am a luddite or anything... I am an engineer by trade, I buy the latest and greatest phone the day it comes out, I follow tech companies closely and I generally love technology... But the point is I love it... I don't NEED it to survive. People nowadays will often literally just sit there until they die if they find themselves in a difficult situation and no one comes to save them and I am really not sure what's worse: That they'll do it or that more of them don't find themselves in those sorts of situations.

Anyway... Rant over.

As for a NVUM... I didn't even know such a thing existed until I looked it up just now.
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