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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK /JKU parts , some Jeep Cherokee XJ parts + a few universal parts I don't need.

-If part is still listed on here, it's available.
if the part ain't here or if it's BLACKED-OUT , well, wadda you think that means?

it means it's sold, numbnuts....
-You pay shipping ,I will get it to you
-parts located in Nashville,TN 37221
-shipping hardtop isn’t necessary 'cuz the thing is sold, finally!
-will accept Paypal PayMe or Venmo
images,links & original manufacturer productpages
Rockhard4x4 Jeep JK door-off foot pegs
-brand new minimal+HD design -for foot propping on lowr door hinge
https://i.imgur.com/dsZ1bIu.png - https://i.imgur.com/AoQdRtb.png

TeraFlex 07-18 Jeep JKU 4-Door Aluminum Rock Slider Kit
aftr 6 seasons I removed because I advanced &didnt wanna destroy these nice,mid to HD,hndsome,light,step rock sliders.
-includes:all rubber trim,rivnuts+HW.
-include xtra end-caps ( 20 bucks per)from TF

- I've laid my jeep 4door against these w/out any damage to jeep
- not mistreated;have regular rash because they've been used to protect sheetmetal
- sand & re-cover w/ Rutomleum Truckbed Liner = they'll look new.
-dont add a ton of weight to rig


MetalCloak rear corner armor (Exo skins)for 2007-2018 Jeep JK Unlimited
(open box,changed mind,reboxed-has sat for 5 yrs)Steel corner armor can be installed w/out the rest of the MC full corner setup,or as part of the whole corners. These r the main quaterpanel armor plates.Includes all hw & instructions. includes the rivnut tool.
(templates ,hw,pwdercoated exo skins are br& new, unused,open box item )


Smittybilt ExtendedTop Jeep JKUnlimited 2010-15 -Black Diamond Extended Top w/Windshield Channel
Smittybilt Extended Brief Top (Black Diamond) - 94635
+Smittybilt Quick Detach Windshield Header - 90105
+ Used 2 seasons,stored properly.a great top for element protection but still have open cab exp.A good top solution,cheap

- here it's stored away: https://i.imgur.com/mpixs76.png
-pict on my Jeep & what looks like installed:


Mopar 3 mount lightbar for Jeep JK/JKU 2007thru 2018
lightbar for upto 3 aux lights on front of stock or aftermarket bumper.Mopar® Part #:123220RR reg price $95.00
(here on a Jeep JK Unlimited . Note: lightbar not included : https://i.imgur.com/WlnUrsb.png
- https://i.imgur.com/NUt7kB4.png
- https://i.imgur.com/BPueRXa.jpg)

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Upper&Lower,Front&Rear OEM ControlArms
8 stock control arms for an '07-'18 Jeep Wrangler JK or Unlimited JK
-Mopar control arms Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU: https://i.imgur.com/y3T1qf3.png

stock electric cooling fan for '07 thru '11 Jeep Wrangler JK
"Shroud,Fan,07-11 Wrangler w/ AutoTransmission
Mopar MFG part#: 55057123AB - functions fine; I upgraded to aftermarket shroud/fan.Used for 30k miles.Nothing wrong w/this factory fan&shroud for JKs w/ 3.8L


FOX- 2.0 Performance Series Stabilizer ATS stabilizer for Jeep Wrangler JK & JKUs‘07-’18
-for aftermarket 1-5/8" tierod like Synergy's. You can buy diff clamps 4 yer TR. used ,not abused. 3 year use

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moar parts....

you didn't think w/ a nickname like this that that was all I have, did you?

I have nearly as much for XJs and just other universal Jeep stuff, too...

brand-new winch cable+ fairlead rollers
from a 10.5k RuggedRidge winch. 94', 3/8" stainlesssteel cable w/roller fairlead. br&-new. Never spooled,never installed.(reference: Rugged Ridge part# 15103.02)
for cable & roller fairlead. (cable alone is $150.00 new) https://i.imgur.com/litxTVh.png?3
- https://i.imgur.com/Bc126i5.png
- https://i.imgur.com/YxJDQ2K.png

RuggedRidge 2" bumpstop rear 07-18 Jeep JK/JKU
never used ,open box


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Flying out to Nashville in a few months. That top makes me want to drive instead.
Great deal.

So you know, I don't joke around about my Jeep stuff.
I take good care of stuff.
Come & take it off my hands.
I only use the Jeep offroad so don't need the hardtop. Shame it isn't being used.

Triple wrapped under 3 tarps with a layer of that industrial ,packing clingwrap completely sealing it , under the tarps.

I do not think anyone else is offering one in this good a condition for this low that I have seen.
I just cant use it & want it gone.

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Guess my box wasn't big enough all I got was some parts.

Bump for a quick shipper but I do feel leftout

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I asked Lisa to make sure the thing was included in your box &
ultimately your "package"...strange; I wonder if she still has it at her office? :cwm13:

it was the perfect size for you,bro...:thefinger:

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