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IPF headlight replacements. Completley replace the stock housing with a glass one. Also converts over to H4 bulb.

Start off with removing grille. 6 screw tabs along the top then clips along the bottom that just pull out.

4 T20 torx hold the metal ring around the headlight. That holds the headlight in.
View attachment 60366

Unplug the factory bulb and plug the new wiring harness with bulb in. View attachment 60367

With bulb in the housing and the housig straight up and down install the new headlight with the ring. Right side is the IPF left side Factory. View attachment 60368

Repeat on other side.

Factory vs. IPF's
Sky Light Atmospheric phenomenon Atmosphere Darkness

Light Lighting Sky Roof Ceiling

Driving down the road u notice more of a difference.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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