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just wanted to give you guys a quick review


i have had the Cibie lights for a couple of years, but always want to try something different

In all honesty the only problem i have with my Cibie lights is the 80w low beam OSRAM bulbs keep blowing out every couple of months

i wanted to try some different bulbs, i ordered the IPF Fatboy 2 Bulbs in HyperWhite from Quadratec,

had the bulbs at my door the next day


let me tell you, these things rock, the low beam is extremey bright, and the color is very very white, right between a conventional HID and a regular yellow halogen

the low beams are very bright, high beam is nothing to write home about

hopefully these things hold up a little bit longer then the OSRAM bulbs as these IPF bulbs are now almost 2x the price at $50 each

anyhow you will need an upgraded headlight harness, which i already had, and some H4 housings, which i also had,

the bulbs are really great, i would reccomend them to anyone
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