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So I am a new JKU owner. *Less than 24 hours with a 2012 JKU Sahara Hard Top. *I can’t stop grinning :)

So as a part of the sale from the dealership, I drove it off the lot knowing that the radio had some issues (due to a trade in i had that had issues). *I’ve looked onto some of the JK forums, and I have a couple ideas.*I have the Radio 130 with the infinity system and the sub in the back. *Basically,*the FM/AM radio doesn’t work at all, not even static and when I turn the volume knob, the volume bar doesn’t*show up on the screen. *When using the Aux In or Sirius, I can hear the audio, but it plays for about 4 seconds, then turns off for 2 seconds. *It’s not random, its the same interval every single time. *And when the audio cuts out, I can’t adjust the volume...when I turn*the volume knob up and down, the volume bar freezes when the audio cuts out, *Same thing happens when using voice control or using my phone: audio cuts in and out at almost perfect intervals. *

I have checked all connections on the back of the head unit, the connections to all 4 doors, and the tailgate/washer connection. *All secure, and no corrosion. *Is there anything else I should look at? *I plan on getting a new aftermarket HU anyway, but I wanted to make sure this is actually a stock HU issue, and not something else like a short or grounding issue, Infinity speakers/amps, etc. *Any ideas you guys have would be amazing. *Thank you so much, looking forward to Jeep life!!
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